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Is condensation on windows a bad sign?


We know that cold weather has arrived when condensation appears on windows. This phenomenon, which results from the encounter between a cold surface (such as a window) and air charged with water vapor, occurs mainly in the fall and winter.

Should you care? The short answer is yes, but not because condensation automatically means you have problems with your windows. In fact, your problem may be more about the humidity inside your home! Pay special attention to this because condensation can cause damage and mold.

In the winter, make sure the humidity level in your home is below 35%. If you still have condensation, you may have an insulation problem. It’s important to talk to a specialist!

What can you do to prevent it?

If you notice that moisture is trapped in your windows (so they don’t feel wet to the touch), it’s a sign of a problem. Contact an expert.


Released on Tuesday-02-November-2021 at 15:00