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Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants During Winter


Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants During Winter


Do your plants suffer from lack of light indoors during autumn and winter? We’ve got some tips to help you look after them! Of course, you’ll need to do some research depending on the plants you have in the house, as some plants are less tolerant of being near a window in winter (coolness caused by the cold outside) or less tolerant of being near heaters, which are often located near windows.


  1. For plants that need a lot of light, try to place them as close as possible to your light sources: your windows and patio doors! You could, for example, hang them, place them on the ground near a window (be careful with heaters, some plants don’t like them), or move a piece of furniture near a window to place your plants. You should also avoid cutting off some of the light with curtains or blinds.
  2. Rotate your plants at each watering (a quarter turn) so that each side of your plants can benefit equally from the light. This will prevent one side of the plant from stretching towards the light.
  3. Despite your best efforts, your plants still lack light? Find out more about artificial lighting. The use of fluorescent tubes could make a big difference for your plants.
  4. Avoid placing your plants too close to heating sources.
  5. Analyze the humidity level in your home (or in the rooms where your plants are located). In winter, the air in our homes is often very dry due to heating. You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity level or spray water on the foliage of your plants.
  6. Don’t water too much or too often. Wait until the soil surface is dry before watering and remove any excess of water that runs off.


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Released on Friday-08-December-2023 at 15:44