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Moving in without worries: doors and windows


Moving in without worries: doors and windows

You’ve just moved, and you want to make sure that the property is in good condition? Here is our short list to help you assess the integrity of your new home’s doors and windows so you can better plan your renovations.

-     Check the locks and bolts on your doors. If they are damaged or don’t seem to work, changing them will ensure the security of your new home.

-     We can’t talk enough about insulation! Not only for your comfort, but also more importantly for your wallet, making sure your windows are airtight is something you shouldn’t overlook.

-     Test them. Make sure your doors and windows open and close properly. Also, check their frames.

Has this inspection revealed that your windows and doors need to be replaced? Discover our selection of doors and windows in our latest brochure: https://www.roberge1917.com/roberge/files/Brochure_Roberge_2021_EN.pdf

Released on Tuesday-12-July-2022 at 17:04