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Avoid window overheating


Overheating can occur when outside temperatures are high and the window coverings (e.g., the blackout blinds in your bedroom) remain closed. In the summer, many people leave their window coverings closed to prevent the sun from heating the house. However, when the blinds or window shades are installed inside the frame, the temperature between the window and the window covering can get very high as it gets trapped there.


In extreme cases, this could deform the PVC and require major repairs. We want you to avoid the worst!


Some actions can help, such as the following:  

·          Opening the blinds (the most efficient option)

·          Installing your blinds outside the frame

·          If you have to keep your blinds closed, open the window and try to ventilate as much as possible during the day.

·          Opt for light fabrics or materials that allow heat to flow instead of trapping it.

Released on Monday-24-April-2023 at 14:33