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One of our customers’ favorites: the 550 patio door

The 550 patio door is a bestseller and one of the most popular models among our customers. It combines the strength of wood and the durability of PVC. It is the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.


With PVC sashes welded to the narrow frame, this door lets in tones of light and allows you to fully appreciate your living space. It features an exceptional, maintenance-free finish, which makes it a great choice for your renovation projects. The PVC-coated wooden frame provides great strength and makes it easy to install.


This model is available in three basic colors (blue white, cream white, or black), but thanks to our paint shop, anything is possible! Talk to a retailer for more information.


A few key specifications:

·       Insulated glass: Double-Low E face 3

·       Energy rating: RE 34

·       Water resistance: 400 Pa

·       Air infiltration resistance: A3

·       Global: PG-R45

(Tests are done with a 71½" x 81" door.)


Several sizes available (two, three, or four panels):



Many other options are available, such as handle types, grill options, a large selection of transom and sidelight configurations, and much more! See the complete product sheet here: https://www.groupenovatech.com/fr_canada_quebec/produits/portes-patio/550.html

Released on Tuesday-31-January-2023 at 09:19