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The location of your windows


The location of your windows


How do you choose the right location for your windows when drawing up a house plan? We’ve got some advice to help you make the right choice, from an aesthetic and practical point of view as well as inside and out.


Natural light

How will your house be positioned in relation to the sun? Some choices are more traditional and easier than others, such as opting for large windows in the living room and master bedroom (especially on the front of the house). However, when considering the orientation of the sun in relation to your house and rooms, new options could become essential for your lighting needs, such as the following:


-         Choosing two windows per bedroom (if they are on a corner of the house)

-         Adding a window at the top of the stairs or in a cathedral-style living room

-         Opting for a patio door instead of a window for greater brightness

-         "Sacrificing" some kitchen storage space to prioritize adding a window



The view on the outside

While selecting windows may seem like an aesthetic choice, it's also a practical one! Position your windows to take advantage of the best views your home has to offer. Think practicality too. For example, it's convenient to be able to see the kids playing outside when you're cooking.


Home aesthetics

Of course, aesthetics are important, whether it's the outside of the house or the inside. Your architect can help you with this. Always keep in mind the style of house you want so that every choice you make is consistent with it.



The importance of privacy doesn't automatically mean you should avoid having windows in certain areas of your home. You can consider options such as a frosted window for a small window in the staircase (if the neighbour has too direct a view into your home) or higher locations, such as a high, horizontal window for a second-floor bathroom.


Bear in mind, too, that it's important to seek advice from experts. They can save you a lot of headaches and will ensure that you comply with industry standards.

Released on Monday-01-April-2024 at 09:38