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A Few Options to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home


A Few Options to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home


Sunshine makes everyone happy, so make sure to invite it inside your house.

But how can you do that when your windows don’t let much light in? Here are a few options to consider, if the configuration of your home allows it, of course!



  1. When replacing your windows, consider enlarging the window openings.
  2. Similarly, you can enlarge a window opening enough to replace it with a patio door.
  3. If the windows aren’t positioned strategically to allow sunlight in, determine whether it’s possible to have new windows added to walls that receive maximum sun exposure.
  4. Opt for an entrance door with glass and, if space permits, a double door (with door glass). Also, consider adding a glass sidelight.


Landscaping adjustments

If certain trees, shrubs, or climbing plants are blocking the light, making some changes to your landscaping can make a big difference!


Interior options

Besides major renovation projects, there are simple options that can help you brighten the inside of your house.

  1. Don’t position your furniture too close to the windows or hide your windows with massive curtains or blinds.
  2. Make decorative choices to brighten up the space. The word to remember here is “light.” Light colors on the walls, light-colored flooring (avoid dark, massive carpets), light-colored furniture, etc.
  3. Make sure your interior lighting is adequate (ceiling lights, floor lamps, etc.) to compensate for the lack of light in certain rooms or at certain times of day.

Released on Wednesday-20-September-2023 at 14:09